4 song cassette [self-released, 1993]

"Beside"/"Shine Away" 7" single [Bedazzled, 1994]

"Whispers", on Kindred Spirits Compilation CD [Bedazzled, July 1994]

"Beyond Reach", on Soon AIDS Benefit compilation [CVB, Fall 1994]

Agus Amarach, 5 song CD EP [Bedazzled, October 1994]

"She Is a Flower", on Woke Up Smiling compilation CD [Bedazzled, August 1995]

Silt, 13 song CD [Bedazzled, October 1995]

"51 Pegasi: Rocket Song, Version 1", on Wicked Deluxe Compilation CD [Wicked Disc, March 1995]

3 song cassette [self-released, March 1996]

"Flowereyed" (demo version) on Spring Fling promotional compilation CD available free with Pulp magazine [Spring, 1996]

Super Refraction, 11 song CD [Egg Records 1997]

Drunk With You, 12 song CD [Ecstatic Records 2002]